Quinn Jarvis-Holland

Portland, Or

I like building, breaking, and fixing things!

Information Systems Generalist at Modern Energy

I am an interdisciplinary engineer and entrepreneur fascinated by sound, textures, patterns, and the interplay between humans, computers, and organic mediums.
My background is in arts and music production, professional audio mastering, sound design, computer repair, and hand assembling analog and digital electronics like synthesizers and effects pedals. I am undergoing transition for gender confirmation. I like that working on complex tech problems can draw my mind away from my body much like when I am absorbed in creating a work of art. My brother experiences Down-syndrome, and helping him to speak with assistive devices when he was entering school and otherwise nonverbal has instilled in me a passion for designing accessible interfaces, and proved to me that with hope and high expectations, we can transcend our limitations to better connect with one another.I believe passionately that disability is an interface design issue, and am excited by opportunities to have positive impact on my communities. I would also like to find more time to paint.