A multi-sensory immersive installation at PICA exploring topics of surveillance, data collection and the relationship between humans and technology. Created and installed with a team of PCC capstone students and alumni T.A.'s that came to be known as Digital Culture Research Unit. This exhibition was a great team effort and I enjoyed being able to mentor my fellow creatives in test driven development and small voltage assembly + soldering.

The installation utilized Unity Gain, a 32 channel High Density Loudspeaker Array, multiple IR cameras, drones, capacitive sensors, motion tracking, head tracking, projection mapping, and wearable pieces with embedded tech. Microphones recorded audience comments and confessions and AI actively translated the speech to text to be projected and scrolled across the "cloud" of balloons above the bodies. The bodies themselves were dressed in projected pictures sent in by the audience, lending the room an eclectic and oddly personalized feel.

Most of my efforts for this group installation were focused on developing my video synth / shape game to respond to attendee's movements via IR tracking with a Kinect, and vibration sensors hidden under a carpet that detected attendee's footsteps.

I ended up calling it the "magic carpet" and really enjoyed spying on gallerygoers and seeing how the interacted with it.