Freewall App

Beta v0.1 is currently live at

Inspired by the work of Basquiat, Haring, cornbread, Banksy, and EarSnot, as well as the rapidly developing inner Portland area. This App is designed as a communal wall / message-board, similar to other apps online, but with artistically useful dynamics. Refreshing the page will wipe any marks on the screen, grounding the app in the same impermanence as unsanctioned public art.

The app's current beta (0.1) is not optimized for touchscreen devices.

The mouse is used to draw with a fluid, paint-like stroke, allowing users to modify the line thickness with speed, employing techniques similar to dynaDraw to smooth, and interpolate the brush positions.

The interactive and multiplayer aspect is achieved by utilizing node.js server code and web sockets in p5.js deployed to heroku